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Month: May 2006

Lowden Guitar

It happened again. The bridge of my Lowden Guitar came off. I bought this lowden S22 when I was 17. The guitar is now 22 years old. Even though it looks old and used the sound of my guitar is excellent. The bridge came off about ten years ago and I got it fixed in Switzerland. I also had the fretboard redone twice. Something wich I would not do with a cheap guitar.
This guitar would cost today way over 3000.- Swiss Francs. So I am going to try to fix it again. It will be hard to get it repaired here in Thailand. I’m not sure if I would intrust the instrument to someone here.

For the last two years I was thinking about getting a new guitar. It
would be hard though to get that sound from a cheap guitar and we lack
the money for something similar.
I will keep you posted about the repair.

Rain in Chiang Mai

It has been raining for I don’t know how many days. On the 15 day weather forecast it showed no change. Clouds and rain with the occational thunder storm. Weird  weather. I know Switzerland is not realy the suniest place. We are usualy blessed with a lot of sunshine and unusual heat here. This is depressive and I get reminded how often people feel in wintertime in Europe when there is no sunshine for weeks.
One of the bad things is that I am loosing my hard aquired tan from the holiday we had. I was hoping to keep it till we go to Switzerland to show off. There goes the attempt to cause jealousy from my friends

Scuba Diving in Thailand

In April we were at the beach for a two weeks vacation. Last year wenn we were down South I saw people taking a diving course. I said to my wife that next time we go to the sea I want to try it out. So this year I took a four day PADI open water course. Thailand is one of the best palces to do so. We were near Krabi. Au Nang has about ten certified diving centers. I just walked into "Suba Addicts" without knowing what would await me. I actually had to sit down and learn something. It is not just hopping into gear and jump into the sea. I red about 240 pages of the Open Water Diver Manual, watched several videos and took some tests. Hey now I’m certivied to wear a diving mask and breath under water.
I must say the whole thing was great and I would recommend people it to people who want to do something different and have a little adventure.

  • Day one: watching videos, study book. Pool session. Putting on the gear learning how everything works. Practise different things under water.
  • Day two: More pool time. I have to be sure what to do in emergancies. How to come up and go down properly. Then take the test 50 questions. Wow I aced it. I was so proud of myself. Proved to myself that there is still some room in my brain for totally new stuff like buoyancy and nitrogen.
  • Day 3: We are taking a big diving boat out to Phi phi island. Beautiful. A day on a boat with snacks and drinks and two 50 minute dives in the opeb water. I have never seen so many colorful fish in one spot. We practised the things we did in the pool. This time in the sea. First dive down to 15 meters, the 20 meters.
  • Day 4: Same thing as the day before. A bit more diving less practising. Two dives in Phi phi.

It was a great four days and next time i will do the Advanced Open Water Diver. This will give me more experience in different dive locations.

Switzerland and WW2

The other night we had friends over to our house. We had a great evening with a group of Swiss, Germans, Canadians and Americans. I often don’t realise how international we get. As the evening progressed we somehow came to talk about Worldwar two. Dark history of the last century. I remember all the christian conferences where we would speak out forgivenes or receive forgivenes for the sins of our fathers. Of course we also talked about the theories why Hitler didn’t invade Switzerland. The Swiss love to believe that as true "Eidgenossen" and as a wild people, we would have kept the Germans out. To this day we probably don’t know for sure why we stayed "free". Is it the important swiss bank that kept Nazi gold, our neutrality, or we were unimportant at the moment, the third Reich to busy with the rest of the world. Swiss men love to believe that our army would have held back the Panzers. Something I can hardly comprehend having been in the Swiss army myself.

Whatever reason. I have my own theory why Switzerland wasn’t overrun. Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. After Hitler would have conquered the whole world Switzerland would have been the only foreign country left. The only place where he could have gone on a holiday using other currency not having to eat "Sausages and Sauerkraut" But could have had a fondue and practise Schwytzerdütsch (swiss german) He just needed a place to go on vaccation.


Today I turned 38. Lillian threw a little party for me last night. (thanks lillian you the best). I wondered what the things are I should be worried about, I mean old age approaching. To my mind came midlife crisis, heart attack, divorce and being made redundant. Then I realized what a happy man I am.

  1. Midlife crisis hasn’t hit yet. Perhaps it is not the middle yet, or my life is already in a continuous crisis that started with me following Jesus. He keeps me kind of busy.
  2. Heart attack is something that does not run in my family. Two years ago I realized that I don’t feel as fit as I used to and decided to do more sports. Today (except the cold I have at the moment) I feel fitter than ten years ago. I go to the gym twice a week. Now I can at least keep up with the hill tribe people, when I trek the mountains.
  3. Divorce is something which would not even come close to my mind. I married the greatest and the most beautiful women. Our love and trust for each other has grown in the last 14 years to a beautiful secret garden
  4. Being made redundant is impossible. I’m unemployed for the last seven years working for the King of kings on a provisional basis. He made a promise that he would take care of us. This promise He has kept to this day.

I actually like getting older. I hope that wisdom and good character would kind of grow naturally. I wish it would be that easy. I feel I understand God better today though my quest is far from coming to an end. Looking back in my life I realized that some of the stops on the way were necessary. Some of them are painful. I used to say no pain no gain. Today I would understand that suffering is part of life. Not something I should charge into, but endure with the hope of understanding Christ and what He did for me.

On the roof

It has been a long time since I wrote last. A combination of writers block, laziness, a vacation and to much work. Blogging is not on my top priority right now. Enough excuses….
We had to move our office and two weeks later our outreach center. I am not a stranger to moving my or other people furniture. It seems like that I could make a business out of it. "Phils moving company".
We found a new house for the outreach center. In this house we store the tools and building material. Enoch lives there and often people stay there for the night. we built an additional roof at the back of the house for the outdoor kitchen. On Monday I will be up in Fang to do the cement floor.


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