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Month: November 2009

Enneagram test

Out of curiosity I did a small (50 question) online Enneagram test. Just wanted to see if I would get the same result like I got from just studying the books an figure out which type I am by reading and trough observing. 

I must say that the test is quite accurate. I am a type 6. I also found the variants true. Try it yourself. 🙂 and see what type you are. There is also a test with 150 questions. Just to time consuming for me.

Main Type

Overall Self

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Enneagram Test Results

Type 1 Perfectionism |||||||||||||| 54%
Type 2 Helpfulness |||||||||||| 42%
Type 3 Image Focus |||| 18%
Type 4 Hypersensitivity |||||||||||| 46%
Type 5 Detachment |||||| 26%
Type 6 Anxiety |||||||||||||||| 66%
Type 7 Adventurousness |||||| 30%
Type 8 Aggressiveness |||||||||||| 50%
Type 9 Calmness |||||||||||| 42%

Your main type is 6
Your variant is social

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A new week and a hundredtrilliongazillion things to do

I think it is very funny how some younger children use numbers to express extremes. Today I will do that too. Sometimes, specially on Mondays, I can get overwhelmed by to do's, plans, should's etc. Often I thought it was about being not organized enough or even more not disciplined enough. But lately I feel there is another reason th is more likely. I don't want to narrow myself down to one thing I do. I really like options. Something which would be more my wife's attribute. I guess being married long enough rubs of certain qualities. When I sit down to write down all the things I do and all the things I am interest

ed in and all the things I would like to do I can get quite overwhelmed. On the other hand I am absolutely not bored 🙂 Be that work, family or my own personal interests. So there is another week I will try to pack all the things in and balance the different parts of life. 

This week I will spend two or three days in the mountains putting windows and doors in the newly finished center at Hui Kau Laam. I haven't seen the finished building yet. There is still alot to do. Painting, electricity and the surrounding landscaping etc. But I am so excited about it. 


Enneagram For the last years I have been reading and studying the Enneagram personality types. The studies helped me immensely to understand myself and certain behaviors, especially in conflict areas and in the way I work and interact in this world. 

After a while I became more fascinated because of the possibilities for growth not just to improve myself, but spiritual growth. The Enneagram is like a key that opens up understanding of myself and God who created me. Most of the books on the Enneagram tend to emphasize the personality improvement and the use of it in work and relationship. There are some books looking more to the spiritual use of the Enneagram. Mostly they tend a little to much to the New Age genre. Still I believe that to often we are trapped in our personalities, formed in our growing up years, that then keeps us from developing as disciples of Jesus. I can see it in my own life and of course many situation in church and the mission-field how personality becomes the drive to live and work in the kingdom of God. I used to try to emphasize the good in that personality and suppress the bad or work around it. The Enneagram shows another way. Namely to move towards essence. Our true self underneath the layers of personality. 

I left on a journey that made me discover alot about myself and my relationship with God. The Enneagram leans more towards mysticism and it takes more then just a test and some type explanation. It is more like a map to discover who we really are and how we relate not only to the world but also to God.

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