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The fight for space

I don’t mean space as in land. Even though there is alot of fighting in the world for this. Or perhaps it’s more for other reasons. This morning I wanted to do a software update for my Mac and I don’t have enough space on my drive. Only 480 MB of the 320 GB hard drive. Makes me think about my first computer we ever had with a mere 170MB hard drive.

So now what to do? I did I fill my computer up so quickly? I guess my two biggest offenders are itunes 70 GB and iphoto 80 GB. What in the world is in there? And I have to think of ways to reduce the size somehow…..

My only problem is that this takes so much times. I mean it is like cleaning my desk. I need to decide what I want to keep and what to throw away and what to archive.

With a computer you can just by another external hardrive and drop all the unnecessary stuff on it. Of course in iphoto you need to split the library in two folders (there is software to do this) itunes is more tricky. but I don’t want to end up with 10 external harddrives in ten years. It means to throw away the bad pics in iphoto it means not to keep all the music I ripped from CD’s and never listen to anyway. Simplify my life again. But not so much this week…. because I have a lot of work already 🙂

So my action step for today is…. itunes. delete the old video podcast I don’t need no more. that should give me some space. And all the kids music I still have in there.

New Macbook?

There are rumors of a new Macbook coming out in September (Macworld issue 10/2008) It probably will have an aluminum case. I was able to fix my battered ibook G4. It has a new harddrive 160 gig. It seems to be faster as well. I found out now that my internal microphone dosn’t work anymore. I guess the "book" sufferes from old age. So perhaps next year I will go for a new macbook, depending what they get on the market.
For now my battered ibook works and I am happy with it.

My Mac ibook is back

On Friday morning I went into the Mac shop in Chiang Mai to order a new Macbook. My old one was in repairs for the last two month. I got to the point that I just needed a new one to be able to work. On the old Notebook I could not open my iphoto or do videos and the G3 is just very slow.
I didn’t really want to buy a Macbook. I don’t like the bigger size. It doesn’t fit into my bag :-). Even though I like all the features and the speed. It also runs with Leopard OS 10.5 which would be cool to work with. I would rather wait and see in a year or two what they come up with.
Anyway I went to the shop to find out that they were able to fix it after all. the shop changed the logic board twice, checked the hard drive and the RAM. it was one of the RAM that was broken and made my computer freeze.
I am happy to have my Computer back. For the last two days I worked on it with no problems.

The continuing ibook story

I believe by now I probably bored you to death with my ibook computer problems. I went back to the Mac shop to see if they could fix the problem. Now it is probably my hard-drive that gave up. So I have to wait another week. So next year I’m going to have my computer back.
I am working on my new years resolutions…. (just kidding) Not really doing this kind of thing. But on the other hand it wouldn’t be the worst thing to do. At least make some plans for the next year. I guess I need to first kind of look back on this year and draw some conclusions.

About Mac worship

Just kidding! I never was so into Mac to think that it is the only perfect thing in this world. I changed to Mac more then four years ago and still very much like it. I would not change back to PC. Still I had my share of problems with the machines. Perhaps it is because I by the cheapest Mac’s I get. Even though I would like to buy a more expensive one. Here a small history of my Apple adventure.
I got a ibook G3 donated by friends more then four years ago, after the IBM thinkpad had to be retired. It took me about two month to figure out the OS and get familiar with Mac. After making that I never looked back. A bit more then one year after I got it, the Logic board (mother board) gave up. The Mac shop in Chiang Mai said it would cost 30’000 Thai Baht to replace it. So I decided to buy the newer ibook G4 (nealry as much). I also got the extended Apple-care warranty, so I have three years time to crash my laptop. I was happy!
Later I gave my G3 back to Switzerland and told my brother in law to see if they could fix it cheaper with a second hand logic board. When he went there the Apple shop changed it for free. It was a factory problem. So I had two laptops for a while. The older one my kids used. Then after three years, actually one month before the warranty expired it broke down. I brought it in to the Mac shop in Chiang Mai. After checking/fixing it twice, they changed the logic board twice as well and it is still in repairs. (one month now) It seems like I have to buy a new computer after all. At the moment I use my old G3 but it is soooo slow I cannot use my iphoto, garageband nor imovie. No problem for e-mail or the web as well as writing documents. But after new year I will have to get a new notebook the Macbook.
Long story I know. I realized how depending I am on the computer for work. I have a back-up from all my work, but the older computer cannot open some of the newer files, like the iphoto. The hard drive is also too small. I have to wait till I have access to more than 10’000 photos and all my movies and all my music till I get the new machine. As you can guess by now, I am a bit depressed about it…. just a little 😉

Keep on dreaming

I am so tired of my old computer. It seems to be more in repair then on my desk. So I’m looking for option to buy a new one that goes with our budget.
The one I’m looking at is the miniMac for 31’500 Baht (CHF 1,149.00) I already have a screen and keyboard. It is a low budget mac but sufficient for what I use it for.
My dream would be the imac 47’900 Baht (CHF 2,099.00). But this will probably stay a dream. Just look at it. Sooo nice and stylish. Of course also very powerful and fast.


A new Mac computer would be a dream

I went to the office with my fixed computer. The joy of having my ibook G4 back didn’t last very long. Kernel panic. The screen frozen and I’m frustrated. I brought it back to the shop and got some sympathy and a a worried look from the boss. It is the logic board or the could be the RAM. They changed it already two times. I left the ibook there and luckily can still use the old ibook G3 my kids use. But also this machine is very slow and has a hard time with some of the software.
I started doing back ups on a daily basis now. Some of my stuff I have on three hard drives and even online with a .Mac account. So I can synchronize between the machines. Still I feel like I’m wasting time figuring things out.
In the Mac shop I looked at some computers. the Mac mini, the new iMac and the McBook. I believe sometimes next year I need to get a new Computer. If they can’t fix the Problem with my ibook then I need to get one even earlier.

Communication with a Mac

Even though I had my share of problems with my ibook lately (as I write this my ibook G4 is in repairs again)  I like Mac computers. I don’t regret switching even though there is a learning curve. Once the switch is made some kind of symbiosis takes place.

I our world of instant communication and connection we need reliability. A good and fast connection and the right tools. Internet connection has improved here in Thailand in the last 8 years, but can still drive you crazy. It is slow and fails all the time. But programs have improved. I use ichat, a mac only program. If a windows user wants to chat with me on ichat there AIM has a free program for Windows. Then I use MSN for Mac from Microsoft and of course skype . I must say I am no big "chatter". Still with some people it’s a great way to stay connected. With others e-mail is great. Others the occasional phone call is the way to go.

Logo_4I found another small application on the internet. (I like those little apps.) This one combines all the chat programs, except skype. So this way I don’t have to have them all open. Specially if you are the seriuos chatter and have lot’s of different screen names and chat programs. Here is a list of what you can use with Adium.

Click on the duck to get to the download page

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