We use the UBC true vision to get tv to our house. We have done so for years because there is no good alternative. Sure I am not really happy with the all of their service. Especially that UBC loves to move channels around, charge more money then Swiss providers would dare and the latest, that the UBC true vision office in Chiang Mai has suddenly disappeared.

Yesterday I wanted to go and pay the bill and the office was gone. With it also Siam TV a big shop for electronics that managed the Chiang Mai office was gone to. No notice where they moved or a letter to their subscribers.

This morning I phoned UBC true vision in Bangkok about my billing status. I haven't received a bill even though someone from true vision phoned me a month ago and said they would do so. The friendly guy in the billing department will send me the bill via e-mail. To the question where the true vision office in Chaing Mai moved to he answered that they haven't received the new address yet. Living in Thailand still an adventure after 11 years 🙂