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Today I turned 38. Lillian threw a little party for me last night. (thanks lillian you the best). I wondered what the things are I should be worried about, I mean old age approaching. To my mind came midlife crisis, heart attack, divorce and being made redundant. Then I realized what a happy man I am.

  1. Midlife crisis hasn’t hit yet. Perhaps it is not the middle yet, or my life is already in a continuous crisis that started with me following Jesus. He keeps me kind of busy.
  2. Heart attack is something that does not run in my family. Two years ago I realized that I don’t feel as fit as I used to and decided to do more sports. Today (except the cold I have at the moment) I feel fitter than ten years ago. I go to the gym twice a week. Now I can at least keep up with the hill tribe people, when I trek the mountains.
  3. Divorce is something which would not even come close to my mind. I married the greatest and the most beautiful women. Our love and trust for each other has grown in the last 14 years to a beautiful secret garden
  4. Being made redundant is impossible. I’m unemployed for the last seven years working for the King of kings on a provisional basis. He made a promise that he would take care of us. This promise He has kept to this day.

I actually like getting older. I hope that wisdom and good character would kind of grow naturally. I wish it would be that easy. I feel I understand God better today though my quest is far from coming to an end. Looking back in my life I realized that some of the stops on the way were necessary. Some of them are painful. I used to say no pain no gain. Today I would understand that suffering is part of life. Not something I should charge into, but endure with the hope of understanding Christ and what He did for me.

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  1. Wir gratulieren die herzlich und freuen uns, dass du die 4 von die reflektierten Punkte so positiv beantworten kannst. Fürs nächste Jahr einfach weiter viel Segen für dich!

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