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The fight for space

I don’t mean space as in land. Even though there is alot of fighting in the world for this. Or perhaps it’s more for other reasons. This morning I wanted to do a software update for my Mac and I don’t have enough space on my drive. Only 480 MB of the 320 GB hard drive. Makes me think about my first computer we ever had with a mere 170MB hard drive.

So now what to do? I did I fill my computer up so quickly? I guess my two biggest offenders are itunes 70 GB and iphoto 80 GB. What in the world is in there? And I have to think of ways to reduce the size somehow…..

My only problem is that this takes so much times. I mean it is like cleaning my desk. I need to decide what I want to keep and what to throw away and what to archive.

With a computer you can just by another external hardrive and drop all the unnecessary stuff on it. Of course in iphoto you need to split the library in two folders (there is software to do this) itunes is more tricky. but I don’t want to end up with 10 external harddrives in ten years. It means to throw away the bad pics in iphoto it means not to keep all the music I ripped from CD’s and never listen to anyway. Simplify my life again. But not so much this week…. because I have a lot of work already 🙂

So my action step for today is…. itunes. delete the old video podcast I don’t need no more. that should give me some space. And all the kids music I still have in there.

42 years and I finally got my lava-lamp

Today was my Birthday. It was a great day and I will not go to bed till midnight. I mean I only turn 42 once in my live. I have the feeling that it will be a great year. I have energy despite the hot weather here in Thailand and looking back over the years I find myself alot more positive then I used to be. I am a person who sees the world with all it’s problems and dangers. Who goes through the world with doubts. I can discern very quickly and assess what can go wrong. But I guess on my journey with God I have found more confidence in myself and trust in God (I would call it faith). Living the life we live here has taught me to worry less and actually believe that God means it well with me, loves me. I am really looking forward whats in store this year on this journey with Jesus. Today I am quite excited.

My wife and my three children gave me a great birthday gift today. Something I wanted for years but never wanted to buy. It seemed to unimportant to have. For years I was fascinated by the lava-lamps, I believe came up in the 70’s. I always wanted on even as a child. Now finally I got one and we all love it. It cannot describe why. I think it has a very soothing effect on me and at the same time the liquid movement fascinates me.


Some years ago a started changing my diet. I am not religious about what to eat and what not. I am also not opinionated when it comes to food. Except maybe about chocolate. No other chocolate really compares with Swiss chocolate this is just a fact I discovered early in my live. Being Swiss probably helped in the forming of this particular opinion.

But going back to my change of diet. I didn't need to loose weight. To be honest I could do with a few more kilos. But I accumulated some bad habits. At breakfast I would eat Frosties (loaded with sugar, not much fiber) and toast bread (more or less paper with bread taste 🙂 This with other bad eating habits left me with low energy. 

Then I discovered Müesli again. I don't know if there is another name for it. It seems to me that this is the only internationally known Swiss-German word. Nobody of course knows what it actually means. People know though that it is some healthy cereal.

Here is what I found on Wiki Answers:

"Muesli (pronounced /ˈmjuːzli/ or /ˈmuːzli/) is a popular breakfast cereal based on uncooked rolled oats, fruit and nuts. It was developed around 1900 by Swiss physician Maximilian Bircher-Benner for patients in his hospital. It is available as a packageddry form, or it can be made fresh."

For those who really want to get into it 🙂 Here is a link to Wikipedia.

Here in Thailand, Müesli is very expensive. So I started making my own version, buying the ingredients and mixing it in a big salad bowl. 


Happy New Year


A year has ended and the last hours are passing by. There has been much fruit this year in our work and many blessings in my life. This doesn't mean that the labor was easy. Often I got tired and sometimes I have been on the verge of giving up. Surely if I would have to produce the fruit myself I would have totally and utterly failed. It would be like a farmer who after plowing and sowing would have to make the rice grow. But we all know that this is foolish thinking. Why do we think or act as if we have to produce the fruit in the kingdom of God. It is God's responsibility to bring forth the fruit and our joy to enjoy it 🙂

With this thought I wish all of you much fruit in all you do for the coming year. May fruit come forth from the things you do. Be this in the family, with friends, at work and in your relationship with God.

Happy New Year!


A new week and a hundredtrilliongazillion things to do

I think it is very funny how some younger children use numbers to express extremes. Today I will do that too. Sometimes, specially on Mondays, I can get overwhelmed by to do's, plans, should's etc. Often I thought it was about being not organized enough or even more not disciplined enough. But lately I feel there is another reason th is more likely. I don't want to narrow myself down to one thing I do. I really like options. Something which would be more my wife's attribute. I guess being married long enough rubs of certain qualities. When I sit down to write down all the things I do and all the things I am interest

ed in and all the things I would like to do I can get quite overwhelmed. On the other hand I am absolutely not bored 🙂 Be that work, family or my own personal interests. So there is another week I will try to pack all the things in and balance the different parts of life. 

This week I will spend two or three days in the mountains putting windows and doors in the newly finished center at Hui Kau Laam. I haven't seen the finished building yet. There is still alot to do. Painting, electricity and the surrounding landscaping etc. But I am so excited about it. 

Thai lesson break

This morning I took my last Thai lesson for a while. After over a year I lost my motivation and need a break. With work and all the other things going on I just don't have the capacity for the home work I should be doing to keep up with the lesson's which are quite demanding on that level. So what I'm trying to do till January is repeat vocabulary and practice my reading skills. The last seven chapters I studied were mostly about social problems from Birth control to environmental issues. I cannot put any more words into my brain.

I started Last year somewhere in January taking up Thai again going through the writing and Reading module 4. Then I went through all the books from module 5 (this is basically 1 & 2 grade Thai) After that I studied module 6 (all about Thai culture, geography and important things to know in Thailand) I skipped module 7 starting module 8 social problems in Thailand. 

Looking back I learned alot and I am glad I took the classes. My Thai improved alot and it helped in my work. So I feel quite good about the accomplishment. Learning Thai has been a great challenge. With all the other challenges meeting us here living in another country I sometimes wish English would do it. I miss the freedom and fluency of expression in the language like I would have in German or English. To be honest I wonder if I ever get there. But then I will not give up on it just yet. For now I will just have a break from School.

A bug in the system

There is a bug in my system…. I mean some bacteria thought my intestines were a nice place to move into and stay. But unfortunately those bugs are quite a nuisance. I am glad pixar hasn't made an animated movie about them yet, or they would be protected by animal advocates all over the world and I could have not taken the drastic measures needed to end my suffering. The suffering that is having someone steel all my food and therefore energy and in addition my un-welcomed visitors started a fight with my permanent tenants. This in turn gave me a high fever. In short I have been in bed for the last three days with diarrhea, fever and splitting headaches. After four days I definitely feel better. Yesterday I had go a shot of antibiotics and today I went for a short walk. I still feel pretty weak though. No trip to the villages this week.

Our kids start school again

After a long summer break school starts for my kids again tomorrow. I realized today that my daughter starts 9th. grade. What happened to my little baby? It was not that long ago when she started first grade. My boys start 8th. and 3th. grade. Tomorrow we all we go for the school start to welcome the new teachers.

So the long holidays are over. I started work already and I am busy with the building project in Hui Kau Laam as well as office work. This week I will also start again with my Thai language program. To be honest I am not to motivated right now, but I really want to finish at least this module. 

After a long break

I am back on my blog after a long break. I blame facebook for it 🙂 Because I spend way to much time on it. I was also on holidays with my family and before that my brother was visiting with his family. And then of course I was also working and on the road and in the mountains quite so often.

So I will try to get back into writing again.

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