May 14 2010

42 years and I finally got my lava-lamp

Today was my Birthday. It was a great day and I will not go to bed till midnight. I mean I only turn 42 once in my live. I have the feeling that it will be a great year. I have energy despite the hot weather here in Thailand and looking back over the years I find myself alot more positive then I used to be. I am a person who sees the world with all it’s problems and dangers. Who goes through the world with doubts. I can discern very quickly and assess what can go wrong. But I guess on my journey with God I have found more confidence in myself and trust in God (I would call it faith). Living the life we live here has taught me to worry less and actually believe that God means it well with me, loves me. I am really looking forward whats in store this year on this journey with Jesus. Today I am quite excited.

My wife and my three children gave me a great birthday gift today. Something I wanted for years but never wanted to buy. It seemed to unimportant to have. For years I was fascinated by the lava-lamps, I believe came up in the 70’s. I always wanted on even as a child. Now finally I got one and we all love it. It cannot describe why. I think it has a very soothing effect on me and at the same time the liquid movement fascinates me.

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