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Jungle trecking

The people group I work with (the Lahu tribe) seem to have the worst shoes for trekking. Some old flip flops will do. Sometimes I wonder why they don’t slip all the time. I usually wear closed shoes. Not this time. I was trekking in the deep mountain jungle, checking on a water project. There was not even a path. So most of the time we walked through the water stream. I wore TEVAS I bought a view months ago. Great sandals for the outdoors. The protection is not very good though. Some of the dangers in this area are certain bugs and worms. Then there are the leeches (I once had one between my toes even with wearing boots) and of course snakes. Snakes are a problem in high grass (sometimes up to the shoulders) We still have rainy season and so everything is growing fast and it can get very wet in the forest. It is hard to get anywhere without a bush knife.
The three days I have been gone from home were quite productive. I visited several villages and pastors in the Mae Ai/Tathon area, I pulled a truck out of a ditch (Thanks for the winch) brought food to the boarding home in Prao. Working with my team on some songs and the budget for next year.

Today I take it slowly. Lillian is at a worship workshop. My time to take care of the kids. I wonder where they are?

Wisdom tooth (final episode)

This is the place I went to get tortured. Out of my free will. So do millions of people on this planet. Of course sometimes we have to endure a little pain to avoid the worse one.
Today I had my last appointment to check if everything is alright. It was a little infected this week and I was a bit scared the whole thing would get out of hands and I would die of an infection in the brain or a similar fate.
It was my shortest dentist appointment ever. I sat on the torture chair for only about 30 seconds. She looked in, injected some fluid and I was off to new adventures. "Popgan pi Naa" (see you next year) Everything is fine and I’m without pain. So when my wife comes home, kissing will be an plausible recreational option again. Unfortunatly she is playing the guitar in the worship band at the womens retreat and won’t be back till tomorow evening. The good side is that she will have had such an overdose on female hormones that she will be thrilled to see me again. 

Wisdom tooth (continued)

Last Saturday I pulled a wisdom tooth. Yesterday I went to the dentist because the pain would not stop and I was afraid to have gotten an infection. My dentist took the stitches out and sprayed some painkiller directly into the whole where the tooth was before. She said it would take about two month for place to be filled. Even though the top will grow together much quicker. Usually there the hole would be filled with blood, not in my case. So the bone is a bit infected. My dentist said not to worry. I hope this is not just a Thai "Mai pen rai" (never mind) attitude and I will be released from suffering. There is a positive and a negative side to the story. The positive is that I have more empathy for all anybody who has to pull wisdom teeth. The negative side is that it kills all desire for kissing my wife.

Militärputsch in Thailand (fortsetzung)

Drei Tage nach dem Putsch. In Chiang Mai stehen ein paar Panzer rum und strategische Punkte sind mit stark bewaffneten Soldaten versehen worden. Es ist alles friedlich und scheint auch so zu bleiben. Thailands König hat den Putsch gutgeheissen. Die Thaibevölkerung hört auf den König und wird nichts unternehmen das gegen die Entscheidung des Monarchen steht.
Heute wurde auf unbestimmte Zeit jegliche politische Aktivitäten und aufstellen neuer Parteien untersagt. In den nächsten zwei wochen wird ein Interim Premier eingesetzt, der bis zu den Wahlen, in vorausichtlich einem Jahr, Thailand regieren wird.
Die Wirtschaft wird möglicherweise einwenig leiden. Tourismus? Schwer zu sagen. Ich weiss nicht wie das Ausland denkt. Viele Touristen wussten nicht einmal das da ein Militärputsch war. Einige Regierungen haben negativ reagiert. Taksin der Caretaker Primeminister verweilt momentan in London. Eine Ministerin ist mit Familie nach Paris geflüchtet. Alles Andere ist wohl zensuriert. Seit dem zweiten Weltkrieg hatte Thailand schon 18 Putsche, ein paar davon sehr blutig.
Ich denke dem Militär liegt viel daran das ganze so lautlos und ruhig über die Bühne zu bringen wie nur möglich.

Reading, thinking

I’m reading "The relentless tenderness of Jesus" by Brennan Manning. This book really stretches my mind and challenges me on my journey as a disciple of Jesus. I was reading last night in bed and this sentence in the book stuck to my mind.

"I can think of no other time in history when the name of Jesus has been so frequently mentioned and the content if His life and teaching so thoroughly ignored."

There are so many voices out there. I red so many books and heard so many sermons. I realize though that to know Jesus can only come from the relationship with Him through the Holy Spirit, who teaches and guides me on my journey. Going to His teachings, the bible, I am revolutionized in my thinking.

Yesterday I was drinking a coffee with a friend. We talked about how we feel about the work we do here and the disappointment and sadness that comes when things don’t turn out the way we envisioned them. The fact that we are a sorry bunch trying to serve a great King in a foreign country. It comes down to the realization that we are weak and that only through God’s grace anything worthwhile can be accomplished. Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.



Cover_akustischliveEine Freundin von uns hat bei ihrem letzten Besuch eine CD von der Gruppe Beatbetrieb dagelassen. Die Scheibe wurde life aufgenommen und hat viel Atmosphäre. Mir gefällt sie enorm. Cooler sound und gute Texte. Ihr könnt kurz reinhören unter
Es ist die einzige CD die wir von Beatbetrieb haben. Ich weiss also nicht was die Band sonst so spielt. Auf könnt ihr auch noch weitere CDs von Beatbetrieb finden. Wir kommen hier nicht so an deutsche oder Schweizermusik. Es ist daher immer wieder schön mal eine deutsche Cd zu bekommen die uns dann auch noch gefällt.

Militärputsch in Thailand

Gestern 12.00 Uhr ist das Militär mit Panzern in Bangkok eingerückt. Das Regierungsgebäude und Fernsehhstationen sind übernommen worden. Ein Militärputsch ist im Gange. Das Militärgesetz (martial law)wurde ausgerufen und die Konstitution des Landes wurde suspendiert.

Was dies für uns heisst wissen wir nicht. Es scheint alles ruhig zu verlaufen. Wir sind auch 900km. nördlich der Hauptstadt Bangkok. Vielleicht werden wir ja hier gar nichts von dem Ganzen merken. Ausser das wir keine Thai Serien mehr schauen können.
Schon seit einiger Zeit ist es politisch unstabil.Vorerst wird nun das Militär angeleitet von General Sonthi an der Macht sein. Der letzte Militärputsch fand 1992 statt.

Es ist nun 4 Uhr Morgens und Es gibt keine News aus dem Fernsehen. Alle Übertragungen wurden eingestellt. Zum Glück gibt es noch das Web. Auf CNN könnt ihr euch noch weitere Infomationen holen.

Lost some of my wisdom

Apparently wisdom lies in in the so called wisdom teeth. I just got one pulled last Saturday. I feel like I have lost some wisdom. Perhaps it’s just my age and the feeling that as older I get as less I know.
The story went goes like this. My wisdom teeth never really bothered me. But one of them popped out and of course had to get a cavity. My dentist, she’s called doctor Love (I’m not kidding) said I should pull them all out. I post boned it for a long time and the next time I went to her I said I will be in Switzerland for the Summer but would go right when I get back. As a man of my word I made  an appointment  for the torture chair. This was with a specialist who pulls teeth and does jaw operations. Why are all my dentists female? I guess I have an unconscious hope it would hurt less or they would hold my hand when I’m in pain. Unfortunately it never works out.

Last Saturday at 1 pm. after a long morning of anticipation of pure horror I went to the Dentist. I came into the room and the Dr. spoke German. She studied in Munich for 5 years. My confidence rose (perhaps she knows what she is doing). She asked me then why I want my wisdom teeth pulled. I told her that I don’t really want to this, but that Dr. Love said I should. From my X-rays she showed me then that my wisdom teeth are situated to deep in the bone and to close to my sinuses. I could have complications. We decided then to just pull the one that was poking out. Pulling might be the wrong word. It felt like someone was using heavy power tools in my mouth mining for gold. After over an hour of splitting, sawing, pulling and braking out my tooth she would close the gab with some thread. It felt like she was sowing my tongue to my cheek. Now it’s Tuesday and it is still swollen and I’m hurting. I am so glad I didn’t have all four "pulled" at once.
If you want to read more on wisdom teeth here is the link.

Create space on your hard disc

I found this little application on the net. It gives you the choice to erase languages on your computer that you don’t need. These language files come with the operating system waiting for you to learn and use them. So in my old days I decided not to learn Azerbaijani and get rid of it. I took the languages I don’t use often, like Tagalog, Africans and many others off my hard disk. Perhaps another 200 MB more for music and photos.
The program was written by J. Schrier and I. Stein. Check it out at

Note: After you deleted the languages. They are gone. No more Chinese. Except if you reinstall OSX. Don’t forget to take the program off after you’re done. You won’t need it anymore. Extra, extra space.

I also took off MS office and only reinstalled Words and Excel. Because I use pages and keynotes (I like them much better) I just realize that my notebook is very limited in space, even though I put a 100 GB hard disc in. I guess I have to many photos.

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