I found this little application on the net. It gives you the choice to erase languages on your computer that you don’t need. These language files come with the operating system waiting for you to learn and use them. So in my old days I decided not to learn Azerbaijani and get rid of it. I took the languages I don’t use often, like Tagalog, Africans and many others off my hard disk. Perhaps another 200 MB more for music and photos.
The program was written by J. Schrier and I. Stein. Check it out at www.monolingual.sourceforge.net

Note: After you deleted the languages. They are gone. No more Chinese. Except if you reinstall OSX. Don’t forget to take the program off after you’re done. You won’t need it anymore. Extra, extra space.

I also took off MS office and only reinstalled Words and Excel. Because I use pages and keynotes (I like them much better) I just realize that my notebook is very limited in space, even though I put a 100 GB hard disc in. I guess I have to many photos.