the adventure I find myself in / das Abenteuer in dem ich mich finde

Wisdom tooth (final episode)

This is the place I went to get tortured. Out of my free will. So do millions of people on this planet. Of course sometimes we have to endure a little pain to avoid the worse one.
Today I had my last appointment to check if everything is alright. It was a little infected this week and I was a bit scared the whole thing would get out of hands and I would die of an infection in the brain or a similar fate.
It was my shortest dentist appointment ever. I sat on the torture chair for only about 30 seconds. She looked in, injected some fluid and I was off to new adventures. "Popgan pi Naa" (see you next year) Everything is fine and I’m without pain. So when my wife comes home, kissing will be an plausible recreational option again. Unfortunatly she is playing the guitar in the worship band at the womens retreat and won’t be back till tomorow evening. The good side is that she will have had such an overdose on female hormones that she will be thrilled to see me again. 

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  1. WIFE

    hahah I DO have an overdose of women…. was very glad to have you waiting for me at home 🙂 Here’s a thought?how to enhance your marriage life? send your wife to a womens retreat.. she’ll coming RUNNING back home hahaha

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