The people group I work with (the Lahu tribe) seem to have the worst shoes for trekking. Some old flip flops will do. Sometimes I wonder why they don’t slip all the time. I usually wear closed shoes. Not this time. I was trekking in the deep mountain jungle, checking on a water project. There was not even a path. So most of the time we walked through the water stream. I wore TEVAS I bought a view months ago. Great sandals for the outdoors. The protection is not very good though. Some of the dangers in this area are certain bugs and worms. Then there are the leeches (I once had one between my toes even with wearing boots) and of course snakes. Snakes are a problem in high grass (sometimes up to the shoulders) We still have rainy season and so everything is growing fast and it can get very wet in the forest. It is hard to get anywhere without a bush knife.
The three days I have been gone from home were quite productive. I visited several villages and pastors in the Mae Ai/Tathon area, I pulled a truck out of a ditch (Thanks for the winch) brought food to the boarding home in Prao. Working with my team on some songs and the budget for next year.

Today I take it slowly. Lillian is at a worship workshop. My time to take care of the kids. I wonder where they are?