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Month: September 2009

Heavy rain in the mountains

Three days ago I made my way up to the mountains to get some more work done on our center. We prepared the frame the other week to get the cement poured for the foundation. Unfortunately when I drove towards the village I was met with a lot of water. passing the last Thai village I saw many people standing on the bridge discussing about the rising waters. The water level was just under the bridge. More then a meter higher then usual. I am passing the village and going off-road towards Hui Kau Laam. As I come to the log bridge going to Catusi. The bridge is totally submerged under water. I usually don't use the bridge, but just pass through the river, which would be impossible now.

I drive on for a couple of hundred meters and meet a truck that slid into a ditch blocking the way to the village. His axel was sitting on the dirt and it was impossible even with 4×4 to et out. The owner came running with a smile and was happy to see me. I seem to e known for being the guy who pulls others out of the dirt with ease. I mean who else got a winch on their truck around here. 


I drove another couple of hundred meters and meet two electricity poles blocking the road. The heavy rains and the flooding just swept them away with the foundations. There was no way of getting around them, so I needed to drive back a kilometer and make a detour through the jungle over the hill and take a back road into the village. 


So much to get things done easily here. We had to call off the cement trucks that were supposed to come in to pour the foundations. This part of the project has to wait another one to two weeks. There is no way those trucks can come in when the road is half gone and extremely slippery.

Still I was able to do many other things. I never run out of work up here. 🙂

Thai lesson break

This morning I took my last Thai lesson for a while. After over a year I lost my motivation and need a break. With work and all the other things going on I just don't have the capacity for the home work I should be doing to keep up with the lesson's which are quite demanding on that level. So what I'm trying to do till January is repeat vocabulary and practice my reading skills. The last seven chapters I studied were mostly about social problems from Birth control to environmental issues. I cannot put any more words into my brain.

I started Last year somewhere in January taking up Thai again going through the writing and Reading module 4. Then I went through all the books from module 5 (this is basically 1 & 2 grade Thai) After that I studied module 6 (all about Thai culture, geography and important things to know in Thailand) I skipped module 7 starting module 8 social problems in Thailand. 

Looking back I learned alot and I am glad I took the classes. My Thai improved alot and it helped in my work. So I feel quite good about the accomplishment. Learning Thai has been a great challenge. With all the other challenges meeting us here living in another country I sometimes wish English would do it. I miss the freedom and fluency of expression in the language like I would have in German or English. To be honest I wonder if I ever get there. But then I will not give up on it just yet. For now I will just have a break from School.

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