The new year has started and it is time to set some goals to get the seven and three energy flowing. Seven for the planing and Three for the getting it done. In my head I have been pondering goals or get reminded on things I need/want to do. The problem with this is, it’s always just in my head. So now I need to start writing it down.

There are several ways I can do this. One is the wish list. I would write down all the things that come to my mind (brainstorming) Then sort them out into one year, five year and ten year goals. This is a great way to see how wishes become true.

Another way would be to create categories you fill in with goals and things you want to accomplish. The categories can be something like this; Family, work, personal development, spiritual, hobbies, significant other. holidays etc.

Several thoughts about goals.
They are not set in stone. I am permitted to change them when life situations change, I see that they loose importance or I it’s impossible to fulfill them.
They have to be able to be attained in the time frame I set. Otherwise frustration sets in and I loose confidence and joy in the accomplishment.
It is better to set less goals and accomplish them then to many and I am unable to reach them.
It should have a fun factor or at least fill me with some sort of satisfaction. I don’t like the “being driven” behind the goal setting. But I am well aware if I don’t set goals I don’t get anywhere. This is specially with things that I keep forgetting or my passion for procrastination.

Goals have to be SMART
S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Attainable
R – Relevant
T – Time -Limited

With this I will go to set my goals for this year and do some planing for the years to come