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Month: October 2008

Stuck in the mud

Yesterday was an adventure altogether. Today I am still tired from the trip. We had to get bamboo in the forest for the new building in Hui Kau Laam. What I didn’t know was that it had rained for two days straight up in that area.Cati asked me if it is okay to go. I assured him that it was no problem. Already on the way into the mountains I had to pull out the winch and drag the truck up the hill.


We loaded the bamboo some friends have cut before. This was quite a heavy load and the road was pretty muddy and steep from the small valley we were in. We had to use the winch twice to get up the steep hill. Then later I slid into a deep ravine that would lift the back of the truck way up and push the front axle deep into the dirt. All this happened while driving downhill. The was no way of backing up. Only with the help of some other Lahu on the way to their fields we could push the truck down to lift the front axle out of the dirt.



We all arrived save for lunch. Mida had cooked for us and we were pretty hungry from winching the truck out of the mud so many times.

Up to Hui Kau Laam

Early tomorrow morning I will be off to Hui Kau Laam and from there off road up into the jungle. Villagers from Baan Pong have cut bamboo for the new house we are building in Hui Kau Laam. It is raining quite a bit so it will be an adventure to drive the dirt road into the back valley. All those who have been with me on the road know what I mean. It will be a long day.
Meanwhile my little toe is healing well. It is still swollen but I think I can get into my shoes. otherwise it will be a Tewa day. I will also make some pictures from the house they are building. It will be the first of two new constructions we will work on. This house will be Cati’s and Mida’s house and also the house where teams and visitors will stay. We are quite excited that we finally are able to have started this project.

I wish everybody a good start into the new week.

Broken toe

How can a little toe be so painful. I was on my way out of the house and quickly ran upstairs to get my ipod. There I kicked the bed with my little right toe. It hurt like mad. But I went downstairs and put my shoes of to go to the bank. When I left my truck I realised that walking was very difficult. How in the world can a toe hurt so much. Looking at my swollen blue toe I realised that I probably have broken the little thing. It is like double the size and won’t fit in any shoe for a while. No Sports for a some weeks.

I found this webpage for Self-Help

Step 1

Remove your shoe and sock and feel for any deformity. Gently run your
fingers up and down your toe. If your toe feels crooked or lumpy, it’s
more likely that it’s broken than sprained.


Step 2

Wiggle your toe. Severe pain suggests the toe is broken.



Step 3

Listen to your toe while wiggling it. If you hear a grating or popping
sound, a piece of bone may be rubbing against another piece of bone.



Step 4

Check for swelling. If your toe is double its size in puffiness and the skin is stretched, your toe may be broken.



Step 5

Compare your injured toe to the same toe on the other foot. If the
injured toe looks shorter or deformed, chances are it may be broken.



Step 6

Check your temperature. Within two to three hours after a bone breaks,
the body’s natural defense mechanisms automatically raise your
temperature. A fever above 99.6 degrees F (37.6 C) suggests the toe is broken.



Step 7

Try to stand for a minute or so. If your toe is broken, it won’t be
able to support your weight. A broken toe will tend to buckle
underneath you when you stand on it.

On the way to Hui Kau Laam


Yesterday when I was driving towards Hui Kau Laam I took in the scenery. It is the time of year when rainy season comes to an end. Everything is still green and the sky is clear. I drove the same road over the past eight years. I brought many people, tons of material and hopefully some hope into that valley.
Yesterday when I took this picture I was on my way to see Mida and Cati who lead our community development in Hui Kau Laam. We talked about the details of the new house we are starting to build on Monday. It will be the new home for them and people who will come to visit. We had a great afternoon talking about plans for the ministry in Hui Kau Laam.

Facebook timeout problems

This last days I had annoying facebook problems. It had to do that my facebook account would drop me out after a view seconds and I would have to login every time I went to another page. After restating the browser, deleting all cookies, reseting the browser etc. I figured out that the problem came from the chat program in facebook. I use Adium, a chat program that connects the different chat accounts I have, like msn, ichat and facebook. It seems like if I have Adium and facebook open at the same time facebook logs me out after a view seconds. I guess some seriuos bugs in the facebook software or security issues with a third party software like Adium. To avoid this I cannot be loged into facebook and Adium at the same time.



Bamboo comes in various sorts and sizes. I just love it. When it sways in the wind and the sound it makes.
In Asia bamboo is used for almost everything. Hill-tribes depend on it on a daily basis. They build their houses from it, eat the sprouts, find edible worms in it, build all kinds of tools from it. I have even seen them cooking their rice in it. When you go to cities you can see bamboo scaffolding on construction sites. A truly amazing plant.

Studieren mit iflash

Iflash_download_icon Vor einem halben Jahr habe ich ein Programm endeckt mit dem ich Karteikarten schreiben kann. Anstatt wie früher eine Lernbox mit handgeschriebenen Karten zusammenzustellen, tippe ich die Wörter ins Programm und schon kann ich studieren. Das ganze nennt sich iflash von Loopware. Für Studenten, Schüler oder einfach unersätliche Wissbegierige ist iflash echt cool. Die Karten könnnen auch ausgedruckt und dann ausgeschnitten werden um die traditionelle Lernbox zu füllen. Andere Pluspunkte sind online Karteien von iflash Besitzern, die ihre angelegten Karteien zum download zur Verfügung stellen. Da gibt es von Latein bis Chinesisch und von Geschichte bis Medizin so allerlei. Es ist sogar möglich mit die Karten als txt file auf den ipod zu laden und so unterwegs zu studieren. Leider kann mein ipod kein Thai lesen. Aber was solls. Mein Sohn hat jetzt angefangen seine Französisch Vokabeln mit iflash zu lernen.

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