Better late than never…..
I wish all my readers a very happy and great year. Thanks for popping in even lately I haven’t updated. It was very busy and blogging comes last on my list of. But anyway I want to keep on writing.
Our e-mail has been down since the 28. of December. I think I found out now that it is our local Provider who looses them. Because in the office it seems to work. So if anyone wrote to me and didn’t get an answer, it’s probably because I haven’t received e-mail for the last 9 days. It is like living in the stone age. Strange how we get used to services in our lives. Mmh… complicated life. How much time do I spend to have a modern lifestyle.
Whatever. the Internet seems to be a blessing and a curse at the same time. The blessing is that I can be connected with people from all over the world very easily. The curse? I leave that for today 🙂