I read this article about Gen-Xers in time entertainment with a youtube video about a book written by Jeff Gordinier called: “X saves the World”.  I loved what he had to say about the Gen-X. Being a Gen-Xer myself there are a lot of things I don’t really understand or often don’t fit in. A question came up. Are we a minority group? The Baby boomers there were massive, came with force and are still holding on to power in this world. The generation after us the so called Millennial’s are also much a bigger force and seem to become or already are the dominant force today. In between is the kind of “forgotten”, “the lost” generation. Or the one that seems to have accomplished little. Gordinier says that we have a kind of middle child mentality because we are in “betweeners”. So we do things different. Watch the video. Very insightful. I want to get my hands on the book 🙂