I don’t mean space as in land. Even though there is alot of fighting in the world for this. Or perhaps it’s more for other reasons. This morning I wanted to do a software update for my Mac and I don’t have enough space on my drive. Only 480 MB of the 320 GB hard drive. Makes me think about my first computer we ever had with a mere 170MB hard drive.

So now what to do? I did I fill my computer up so quickly? I guess my two biggest offenders are itunes 70 GB and iphoto 80 GB. What in the world is in there? And I have to think of ways to reduce the size somehow…..

My only problem is that this takes so much times. I mean it is like cleaning my desk. I need to decide what I want to keep and what to throw away and what to archive.

With a computer you can just by another external hardrive and drop all the unnecessary stuff on it. Of course in iphoto you need to split the library in two folders (there is software to do this) itunes is more tricky. but I don’t want to end up with 10 external harddrives in ten years. It means to throw away the bad pics in iphoto it means not to keep all the music I ripped from CD’s and never listen to anyway. Simplify my life again. But not so much this week…. because I have a lot of work already 🙂

So my action step for today is…. itunes. delete the old video podcast I don’t need no more. that should give me some space. And all the kids music I still have in there.