The other night we had friends over to our house. We had a great evening with a group of Swiss, Germans, Canadians and Americans. I often don’t realise how international we get. As the evening progressed we somehow came to talk about Worldwar two. Dark history of the last century. I remember all the christian conferences where we would speak out forgivenes or receive forgivenes for the sins of our fathers. Of course we also talked about the theories why Hitler didn’t invade Switzerland. The Swiss love to believe that as true "Eidgenossen" and as a wild people, we would have kept the Germans out. To this day we probably don’t know for sure why we stayed "free". Is it the important swiss bank that kept Nazi gold, our neutrality, or we were unimportant at the moment, the third Reich to busy with the rest of the world. Swiss men love to believe that our army would have held back the Panzers. Something I can hardly comprehend having been in the Swiss army myself.

Whatever reason. I have my own theory why Switzerland wasn’t overrun. Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. After Hitler would have conquered the whole world Switzerland would have been the only foreign country left. The only place where he could have gone on a holiday using other currency not having to eat "Sausages and Sauerkraut" But could have had a fondue and practise Schwytzerd├╝tsch (swiss german) He just needed a place to go on vaccation.