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Month: February 2007

Bad dream

This morning I was dreaming of the beginnings of war just before I woke up. I dreamed that it became more difficult to live here because of nationalism and hatred against foreigners. We had to flee. What a way to start the day. Then I red the bible (yes I still do it) It was about Davids accomplishment as the King of Israel decimating the Philistines. Is there something God wants to tell me, or just one of those days where I shouldn’t leave the house?

Thailand seems to be a very save place. Okay don’t look at the Southern most part of Thailand where there are incidences every day of people being hurt, killed, houses bombed and schools burned. The government is concerned about the stability in the land and works hard to keep the peace. So far with success.
If you come here as a tourist you won’t see or feel anything of this. You can enjoy the beaches in the South and the Lanna culture in the North. Everything is same same…

Time is precious

Time is precious. We all have the same amount. Of course we don’t live the same amount of years. But as we are going through the days and weeks we actually can’t complain we don’t have time. 24 hours are 24 hours. The question is with the priorities we set and how we use our time.
I have had a lot of things going. I just came back from Hui Kau Laam village on Thursday evening with a team. Tomorrow I will leave again with a team for another three days. People are coming and going. I need to prepare, get my office up to date, I should write my newsletter, write Thank-You letters to our supporters, bring my truck to change the back brakes, meet with my friends etc. etc.
In all this I don’t want to forget the most important thing in my life. My wife and my children. To balance the things in my live is not always easy and sometimes it haunts me to know I can’t make it right for everybody and fulfill the expectations laid on me as a husband, father, missionary, friend…
I know there are always other times where I have more time to waste (I would like that) But for now there is a lot of work and things that need to be done.

Into the mountains

Tomorrow morning I will be going to the mountains again. I will take a minivan shuttle. I left my truck with a team last week. They have been up there for a week building water-tanks. So I will be gone for three days again. The tanks are nearly finished. We need to decide where the pipes will go. I will write more on my other blog later this week. Then I will visit a boarding home with 55 children we have been supporting. They need to move their facilities to another location. I need to see how we could support this. We also have two more water projects we are looking into. So I have been quite busy lately. It is going great.

My wife is not feeling well and my daughter has a fever. This is always hard for me to leave my family. I hope they will get better soon.

I’m back

It has been a very long time since my last post. I thought I would stop the whole exercise. But then taking a break is another option. So now I will be back. Even though I probably lost my five readers (perhaps some more), I decided to go on with posting some more. See where it goes for another year.

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