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Bad dream

This morning I was dreaming of the beginnings of war just before I woke up. I dreamed that it became more difficult to live here because of nationalism and hatred against foreigners. We had to flee. What a way to start the day. Then I red the bible (yes I still do it) It was about Davids accomplishment as the King of Israel decimating the Philistines. Is there something God wants to tell me, or just one of those days where I shouldn’t leave the house?

Thailand seems to be a very save place. Okay don’t look at the Southern most part of Thailand where there are incidences every day of people being hurt, killed, houses bombed and schools burned. The government is concerned about the stability in the land and works hard to keep the peace. So far with success.
If you come here as a tourist you won’t see or feel anything of this. You can enjoy the beaches in the South and the Lanna culture in the North. Everything is same same…

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  1. Adam Heine

    Maybe I shouldn’t tell you about the two dreams I had when we were moving here, about the whole country being just as closed and (for Christianity) persecuted as China…

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