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Month: January 2009

Playing at the UN Irish pub Chiang Mai

The first time I heard Irish music way back in my teenage years I was fascinated by it. The mix between very melancholic love songs and the often very funny ones about drinking. 

when I was twenty I left Switzerland for Ireland to learn English. I know an odd choice to learn English. Back then I was a Volunteer in a Christian Center in Rostrever. I had a great time there and learned many things besides English. I visited my first Ceilidh and danced to Irish music. I loved Ireland and traveled to the Island several times. The last time I was there was on our honeymoon. A long time ago. 

The last view years some people met in a pub ones a month to play Irish and other folk music. It all started as far as I remember with an invitation to a St. Patricks day night at the English pub. We would occasionally come to play around a table in the pub playing together. Later we got more serious (just enough to have a practice session once in a while) The last year we played at the UN Irish Pub the last Friday in the month and I really enjoy these times. 


a new year has started….

I wish to all of my five English readers a very happy and great year!

May you have
Peace in a world of war,
Security where world powers fall,
May you experience the love that transcends all!
… und auch allen deutschsprachigen Lesern wünsche ich alles Beste für das 2009.
Möget ihr Frieden haben in einer Welt des Krieges,
Sicherheit, wo Weltmächte fallen,
Möget ihr die Liebe erfahren
die all das überschreitet

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