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The Way, the Truth and the Life; part 2

Jesus says I am the truth. What a statement. I mean I can tell the truth, I can try and live in truth or be truthful. But to say I am the truth implicates a lot more then that. Thinking about it makes me wonder if being the truth simply means there is no false in him. Or perhaps when you get Jesus you get the real thing, not just some self appointed guru. There were no tricks or manipulation coming from him. He didn’t  attempt to control the masses or the individuals to get them on his side. His story makes no sense when you think of the terms of building a church or organization. It is an invitation to follow and to journey through life with the truth… that is setting us free from our way of seeing things, peeling away the filters of our own perception and interpretation of truth.

Jesus was the revelation of truth. “you see me , you see the Father (God)”. False images of what we think the Father is peal away as we discover and walk with Jesus, or as Jesus is the way we are walking in…

The ultimate questions in life are: “where do I come from? Where do I go after this?  What am I doing here? We all answer these questions different and most people in this world avoid them all together. All the religions try to answer it. Interesting Jesus didn’t invite us into a religion or a system of belief but called us to himself. He didn’t say this is the way to go, here is the truth you need to know and then you will have life if you follow it.

Over the years quite a number of people told me that Jesus was a great teacher and enlightened but not God (or they would then say we are all god). The thing is,  Jesus made it very clear about who he is and also who and where we are. That he is God and that we are disconnected from the truth. This statement about being God also got him killed. If he was lying about that. Everything he said would be judged in the light of that and make him kind of a lunatic. So either it is true or it is a lie.

Being on the journey with Jesus is much more then just about learning truth and understanding. It is about coming to awareness of our own state and the lies we live and move on to be free. Jesus said the truth will set you free. What he ultimately means is that he himself will set us free. This freedom does not come because I am a better person or know more “secrets” of life etc. I believe that freedom comes by actually knowing who I am in God’s eyes (God sees my innermost being) and by seeing who God really is (a revelation that might never be complete) .

Walking with Jesus has the affect that he (the truth) rubs of off on us and is revealed as we are willing to reveal ourselves to him. Like in all relationships it works like in assimilation. We spend time with a person long enough and we become more and more like that person. That particular person has the ability to set us free…..

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  1. philipp

    Just realized how many spelling and grammatical mistakes there are. I just felt like letting my thought flow, not to write a thesis. 🙂

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