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Month: January 2006

Australian open

Roger Federer won the final in the Australian open on Sunday. I have never watched so much tennis in my life. It was exciting to follow the different players go through the tournament. Federer won the men’s final while Hingis won the mixed doubles after being on a three year career break. It was a great atmosphere in the stadium and it was really fun watching it. I even learned about the rules and how the scoring works.


I’m recovering from the food poisoning incident. It was a real marathon this time and I’m sick of being sick. But I’m still to weak to conquer the world or even the mess in my office. I had bad food and diarrhea before, but never like this. It usually is over after a day or two. This time it took seven days. Six of those I took antibiotics. I still have to take it slow this week.
Thanks to everybody who prayed for me and for all the well wishers.

Food poisoning

On Monday I must have eaten something that caused a major infect in my stomach. Usually I let those things go by and just feel unwell for a day or two. This time I was not exempt from taking a load of antibiotics. I had high fever and was running out. After three days the fever had gone down but the infect was still strong. Yesterday I was in hospital to get me checked. Because of my "line of work" I’m exposed to all sorts of parasites, worms and sicknesses and I needed to make sure were no aliens nesting. (by the way, way do they give you such little cups to give samples for the laboratory?) The doctor could not find any creepy crawlies and set it’s fine. He gave stronger antibiotics for another four days.
The whole ordeal brought my life to a hold and I’m hanging around at home feeling totally exhausted from doing nothing. Even in the hospital I nearly fell asleep while waiting for the lab results.


We have discovered a new thing. Actually it’s quite old. A puzzle with numbers. Sudoku is a big hit in Japan since 1984. Here is the history of Sudoku. You have to fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3×3 box contains the digits 1 through 9.
There are different difficulties depending on how many digits are already in the box. You can load down some puzzles for free and try them out. Apparently it is very good exercise for rusty brain cells.

Friendly Fire

I just finished a book that a friend gave me to read. It’s called "Friendly Fire" Why is God shooting at me? by William G. Johnson. The writer uses the book of Job as a base to show difficulties (Job’s suffering) in life with the often oversimplified or legalistic answers christians present us (Job’s friends).
109_1Sometimes things don’t work out the way we thought they should, I wonder why God does not show up, God seems to be silent, absent or just doesn’t care. After reading Job again, I sympatize with the poor fellow who lost everything. I mean we do know the end. He didn’t. He thought he is going to die soon and all his friends kind of finish him off verbaly.
Don’t all of us sometimes feel that desperate cry in our soul that just wouldn’t come out. The only thing left is our faith in God and the hope that it will be better someday. Everthing seems to hang on a thread.
The author speaks of battlepoints in our lives. Testing, brokenness and spiritual conflict. God let’s does "batttlepoints" happen so we can grow in our lives by expiriencing victories over these battles through His working in us. This brings glory to God. (This is hart to say in one sentence, the book makes more sense). I think if we have eternity in our hearts we know that the things, the battles we face here are not an end in themselves. They change our inmost being and this is for eternity. Some battles our won here and blessing flows out of it here on earth, others take longer and we will expirience God’s blessing when we live this place for heaven.


Last night our family had a cheese fondue. We got the fondue "Gagglo and Röscho" (meaning the high tech utility in the picture) from the Hungerbühler’s who visited us from Switzerland and brought us parcels from Switzerland. (merci viu mal Res und Madlaina).
To eat cheese fondue brings back some homesicknes to see friends and share an evening doing "swiss stuff" speaking in Schwyzerdütsch. The family evening was great and everybody liked the Appenzeller fondue from the Migros. It is a foretaste to our planed visit to Switzerland this year.


Difficulties in development work

I have been on a trip to Hui Kau Laam and spent three in Hui Kau Laam. A family from Switzerland came along and we had a good time.
On this trip again I was aware how difficult our work is and the problems we incounter.
It is extremly difficult to implement projects and have the people to take responsibility for it and to own the project as well as to teach them new technologies (the water pipe isn’t realy a high technology; at least that’s what I thought. The project we made is big (8 km. /5miles of PVC pipes through extremly difficult terrain) The water is going to the village, the maintenance is a nightmare. When pipes have to be fixed, water isn’t cut off, but they glue while the pipe is still under pressure. Along the pipeline they made holes in the pipe just to see if water is comming. We teach them how things should be done to have a long term success. They just don’t seem to listen or care. we had this problem before. Every village is different, this one is rather a unusual situation. I sometimes wonder how much disapointment I have to endure and what the outcome will be from the project. But the most important is that the nearly two hundred people have clean drinking water. My hope that we can finish the work and then let it go.

A new year has started

A new year has started and my blog is in a kind of extended hybernation oder "Winterschlaf". I still want to whish all (three) faithfull readers a Happy New Year. It is hard to keep something like a blog up to date. With all the work in Dezember blogging was lowest on my list. This is not realy good to build up a vast readership and become famous and rich. On the other hand this was not my intension after all. So anyone who pops in here…. Welcome!

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