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Month: February 2008

On a Sunday night

I am sitting in front of my notebook and think about next week. All the things I have to do, Thai studies and a trip up into the mountains to start with the Hui Ba Rai water pipe. The first one we partly do with PE pipes.
The last two weeks my family was seek. One after the other except me. I hope this stays. Just Yesterday I went with my son to hospital to get him checked just to find out that he has bronchitis and an middle-ear infection.
Looking back to the past week I realized that I have been quite busy and I don’t get on the computer much. Thai studies takes a big junk of time out. On Thursday I was in Hui Ba Rai trekking through the jungle to figure out how we best do the water pipe. The valley the is very steep and really difficult. The villagers are waiting for the new pipe. They have been with barely any water for the last two month.

Learning Thai Language

I haven’t been writing for a while. I guess my head is to full already and I just don’t feel like writing. So what have I been doing the last few weeks?
I reviewed module 4 for the first two weeks. Module 4 teaches all the grammar, tone rules and Thai script plus starts with reading and writing. I did this one seven years ago. I managed quite well and passed the test. I had a hard time with getting back into the writing. Mainly because this is what I used the least. I am still motivated and in the next module which is quite extensive including the Thai textbooks for first and second grade.
I started to write every word in Thai and English on cards and keep a learning box. So the last weeks I collected several hundred words I’m memorizing and learn to write in Thai. Slowly I’m making progress. It is hard to get faster in in reading Thai. It is the tones. I need to decipher all the letters and at the same time decide which of the five tones the word is pronounced. I must admit it sounds weird to read like a first grader. But I’m excited as I can read more words in the subtitles of the movies. Before it was the first word now I can read up to three words. So I wonder how long it will take till I can read a film ;-).
Okay enough of this. I’ve got to do my home work.

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