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Into the mountains

Tomorrow morning I will be going to the mountains again. I will take a minivan shuttle. I left my truck with a team last week. They have been up there for a week building water-tanks. So I will be gone for three days again. The tanks are nearly finished. We need to decide where the pipes will go. I will write more on my other blog later this week. Then I will visit a boarding home with 55 children we have been supporting. They need to move their facilities to another location. I need to see how we could support this. We also have two more water projects we are looking into. So I have been quite busy lately. It is going great.

My wife is not feeling well and my daughter has a fever. This is always hard for me to leave my family. I hope they will get better soon.

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  1. mum

    Thanks for the news. Hope the next week will be easier for your family and you and the team will be blessed in all you do. Greetings to them and to you all! K.

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