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A new beginning

I moved (not house nor country) no I moved my blog to a new server from Typepad to self hosted WordPress. It took me the better part of the last days to find a server and starting to move several domains and blogs around. I also moved Lillians blog My Thailand Diary to the new server at Dreamhost.

I have never done this before and had to learn alot. (honestly I liked the challenges just a little) I am learning still on the go with the knowledge that many others have done this who are much more clever then me and so I can learn from them alot. Thanks to the internet.

I had Typepad for about 5 years. The service there is excellent. The help from the staff was great and I would still recommend it. Two things made me consider a change. The prize and some limitations with my blogs. And to be honest I also needed a change. Lillian has used WordPress for the same amount of time and when we had to move her blog I thought why not move all of them 🙂

The bigger challenge of remodelling the questasia site is still to come. This will be one of my bigger challenges in the coming month.

So with all this I hope to get back into writing again.

facebook killed my blog

I am not a big writer. I realize this when I have to write reports, newsletters and update my web-page. I really need to be in a creative mood and I need lots of time and some sort of pressure to complete. 

Facebook made it even worse by giving an easy excuse to neglect my "obligation" to the ministry I am doing here and informing about the work we do. Something I really need to change. There is plenty to write about and the questasia website to update. At the moment I am writing an e-mail update for our supporters. Or should I say I'm trying to finish it soon 🙂

I haven't been on my blog for ages and haven't updated my questasia site which really needs updating 🙁 So I need coaching (Lillian do you read this?) I guess I need some sort of foolproof system to get going with this.

On that note I will go back to facebook and see what all my "friends" (or the would be ones if I ever meet them again) are doing.

And take notice I just resurrected my philsquest blog 🙂

Posting from facebook

I have come a long way when it comes to internet, computer and gadgets. When I was growing up hightech was handling a tape recorder and record songs from the radio. Thinking about all the things I have to constantly learn about. Making a phone call is not just turning a weel anymore. It is a little hightech wonder in my hands that uses voice command, I would use if I could get myself to read the darn instructions in japaneese (:-)

Face book is another one of those conection wonders. Sometimes I spend way to much time on face book, while my blog dies of lack of attention. So the newest thing I try out is updating my blog from facebook. (This is my first post to try it out). On facebook application you can find BLOGIT. This little thing should do the trick. Signing up is rather easy and I think you can use other blog providers then Typepad, wich I use.
You can also automaticly update facebook with your blog post per minifeed. Cool eh? The only downside I see is that you cannot upload pictures or gifs. As far as I can see. The spell check is also missing (bad for me :-(.

Enough rambling on…… try it out.

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