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Flying Ants

Rainy season started in Chiang Mai. It has rained every day the last week. In the evening after the rain stops the flying ants come out for the "light party" looking for a girl. Yeah right they are all male. Then after a short time partying they drop to the floor and die of exhaustion. What a life! 

It's on me next day to clean up the mess. I feel like the bartender who has to throw the drunks out after hours. I just throw them over the wall after the birds have feasted on them. 
To be honest I also tasted some over the years. Thai people fry them and it them with some fish sauce…… yummy…. they are high on proteins. I cannot really warm up those bugs as a snack, but perhaps I should dip them in chocolate next time.

Here are some pictures:




Dinosaurs in the house

Yesterday morning Timmy was vacuum cleaning the leaving room when he called me from my house duties. We had a visitor from another world. A dinosaur (a small one) was hanging at the fly wire trying to get through the glass window. We are used to having Geckos in the house (a friend of ours named them all Freddy) and we also had close encounters with snakes in the bed room etc. But this lizard was a first. There are very fast, speeding off on two legs. Not easy to catch. We eventually granted our little friend freedom in our wild garden hoping that Snowy, our cat, would not devour him like she did with Dino's friend last week. 

Lizard in the garden



Bamboo comes in various sorts and sizes. I just love it. When it sways in the wind and the sound it makes.
In Asia bamboo is used for almost everything. Hill-tribes depend on it on a daily basis. They build their houses from it, eat the sprouts, find edible worms in it, build all kinds of tools from it. I have even seen them cooking their rice in it. When you go to cities you can see bamboo scaffolding on construction sites. A truly amazing plant.

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