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Changing our website

I am in the process of changing all our blogs to a new server and from typepad to wordpress. Because I have little knowledge about servers, and setting up more elaborate systems I spend quite alot of time researching and trying out things.

  1. I had to find a server that runs with WordPress easily. I found Dreamhost, that has one-click install for WordPress. During the process of moving our blogs I the learned some stuff about ftp and users, multiple blogs on and domain hosting.
  2. I had then to change nameservers where we have our Domain names, I had to then fully host them on Dreamhost for WordPress. Unfortunately I forgot that I had hosted our e-mail on another server and forgot to change MX ร‚ย Mailserver (or something like this)
  3. I moved two blogs (this one and Lillian’s) easely. Even though we lost the pictures or at least some of them. (I cannot be bothered to figure that one out)
  4. With the blog I have a much harder time. It has to be in two languages and has to have a certain look (at least what I think it should be) It’s in my head and I am no designer. I searched for days for a template and to figure out what the best way is to make it good. WordPress has thousands of plugins and possibilities.
  5. Next and probably the most important thing will be the content. To fill questasia with photos, stories and descriptions of all the projects we did over the years. This will take a log time. I will not move the old content but start from scratch.

For now I am very busy with this. I had some days working at home and hope to have running soon.

Moving my questasia blog

I am still researching the best way to put up the new questasia blog. I will move everything to self hosted WordPress on a different server. It is also time to totally redo the questasia site. I think I won’t keep any posts and just start new. Make it a bit more like and informative web site. Here are some problems I am trying to figure out with the things I need or want to have in the new questasia site.

  • Bilingual (I need to have it in German and English)
  • Under one domain name, or somehow with sub domains
  • One dashboard for both languages in WordPress for updating (if possible)
  • Some cool Photo gallery plugin or hosting
  • Easy enough that I can actually do all this ๐Ÿ™‚ (no excessive coding please!)
  • … there might be more things I cannot think of right now

So I am researching if I have to install wordpress twice, I mean do I have to have two blogs (that’s what I have now) or can I do it in one blog?

How does all the domain mapping work?

What features does WordPresss 3 actually have, hat is possible and what plugins are there to make it possible?

And also I need to find a cool template I like ๐Ÿ™‚

All this said there is some internet work waiting for me……..

New template

I found this new template in typepad. I really like it. I got a bit bored with the old one and then it stopped working properly today. So it was time to change the template. I must say the typepad people do a good job. I can now post directly from typepad to facebook. Absolutely cool feature. Now I am motivated to write a bit more ๐Ÿ™‚ hopefully!

Of course I still should work on my questasia website, which is also a typepad blog. But I have a hard time with it. I somehow want to much I guess. But NEXT year ๐Ÿ™‚ I will dooooo it LOL.

Cookies gone bad

The problem with not being able to access my blog was with the cookies on my browser. Something was apparently corrupt and every time I wanted to open a typepad blog it would read that corrupt cookie. "I told you not to store the cookies for too long, they get baaad". Thanks to the typepad's quick response I can read my blog again.

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