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Lowden Guitar

It happened again. The bridge of my Lowden Guitar came off. I bought this lowden S22 when I was 17. The guitar is now 22 years old. Even though it looks old and used the sound of my guitar is excellent. The bridge came off about ten years ago and I got it fixed in Switzerland. I also had the fretboard redone twice. Something wich I would not do with a cheap guitar.
This guitar would cost today way over 3000.- Swiss Francs. So I am going to try to fix it again. It will be hard to get it repaired here in Thailand. I’m not sure if I would intrust the instrument to someone here.

For the last two years I was thinking about getting a new guitar. It
would be hard though to get that sound from a cheap guitar and we lack
the money for something similar.
I will keep you posted about the repair.

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  1. I hope you’ll be able to fix it successfully. Good luck.

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