The last days were crazy for me. We are leaving for Switzerland tomorow. The worldcup is on and there are so many things to be done. I am more stressed then I realy want to be and I guess have to be. My wife did a bulk of the work, like buying and packing hundreds of gifts for our friends in Switzerland. She also is doing the planing for the visits. Six weeks is a short time when it comes to meet all the people one hasn’t seen in two to four years. What would I do without lillian?
So this morning I’ll run my last errands, like paying all the bills and clean up my office. I have some last prepreations tto do for the Team from San Diego coming on the 6th. Then it’s off to the Gym ((helps me relax) After that going home to pack and get the house ready.
We are flying tomorow morning at eleven, arriving the next day in Z├╝rich.

Yuppeee Switzerland we are coming!