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Help I am melting!

It is 38 degrees here in Chiang Mai and in our house it is over 30. How can any normal person work in these conditions. Living here for so many years I still have a hard time with that kind of heat. Global warming here I come.
We moved house a month ago and I must say it is cooler here then the old place. Still I wish I could lay at the beach right now and not having to think of studying and working.

It is Saturday again and the whole family crashed in the living room to watch a video. Surfs up was the right joice. I love that movie about a pinguin in the arctic who wants to become a surfer dude. I wish I could be at the beach right now. The part of beach they show looks just like Phi Phi  in Thailand.

Tomorrow Lillian and I are leading worship in the German church gathering. It is held in an open house. This morning I practiced some new (actually old) songs. I hope tonight it will cool down a bit. So it want be too while we are playing.

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  1. oh lord, refresh us whit your holy breath! wir könnten euch ja ein wenig von unserer kälte schicken, und ihr uns ein wenig von eurer wärme – das würde sich dann “ausgleichende gerechtigkeit” nennen (natürlich menschlich gesehen!) 😉
    from emmental

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