the adventure I find myself in / das Abenteuer in dem ich mich finde

On the road again

On Monday I went up to the mountains again after my break. (I was in bed with severe food poisoning) I took me quite a while to get my strength back. The first time I went to the Gym, it felt like I haven’t done any sports for a decade. But now I feel well again. Monday morning I was on my way to the mountains again. I listened to a sermon I downloaded from the Internet and reflected on the last month. Our work was very stress full and difficult. Sometimes I really wonder why I’m doing this. There is no fame, no pay and no end to the work. Anyway, to be honest I like the adventure out of the normal, the challenge and the idea that I do something that counts on my ongoing journey. I had two very good days with Enoch and Mida. Both have been friends of mine for many years now and I enjoyed the meals and the talks we had. We have changed as a team, growing older, trusting each other a bit more. I say this because in a cross-cultural setting this means something. I am not their boss, telling them what ministry they should do. It is walking together, finding out what works God has prepared for us to do.
We talked about Hui Kau laam and the families struggling in poverty and social problems. We talked about the ones who are entrusting their lives to Jesus and want to get baptized. The little victories and the sad defeats. Mida told me that last week when she was in a meeting, that she felt God healing her from stomach problems while someone was preaching. Enoch told me his desire to go into Burma to support pastors. We talked deep into the night. Sharing about life and our stories with Jesus. Even through cultural and language barriers we are connected through the Holy Spirit who lives in us.

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