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Off-road driving takes it’s toll

Yesterday I brought my truck to the Toyota garage to get fixed. I have over 200,000 km. and the "tiger" is starting to show it. Specially the off-road driving on the front wheel base. I had to replace the cooler because it had a crack all the way across. Then I had to replace different part connecting with the front wheels. I really don’t know what those parts are called. But it sure cost me quite some money. When I was driving home immediately felt the difference in stability. Such a difference. I thought my truck is just old and the way it handled was just because of age. But actually it was that some of the part were bent and some ball bearings were totally warn out. I can take a corner without the feeling that the truck is kind of giving way like it would slide. Would you believe it there are no noises anymore when I go off-road.
The only thing I need now is new tires. As you can see on the picture I am driving them "Thai-style" till there is no tire tread left. But unfortunately on a dirt road it is like driving on ice with these.





  1. hotchick

    You took a photo of the underparts of your truck and of the tireds 🙂 LOL such a man thing to do. Could you post a picture of your tools as well?

  2. philip

    I see what I can do. What about this earlier post of mine. This may count for tools. 😉

  3. moesu

    schön z’ghöre, dass wenigstens du o es outo bis 200000km fahrsch, hie ir schwiz bini afa ziemli der einzig ;-). “tiger” isch es genials outo, hoffe dä tuet no chli sini dienschte!

  4. philipp

    I dänke no so 150000km wird dä scho no anebringe

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