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Thailand isolated

Thailand, an aviation hub and prime tourist destination started the tourist high season crippled with the international airport closed since Tuesday night without a sign that it would open soon. The government is unable to get the demonstrators out of Suvarnabhumi airport. 

I watched Thai Tv this morning and it seems like any other day. No News. Yesterday a bomb went off in the Government house injuring more then twenty demonstrators who have been occupying the place since a month. It seems like the PAD is taking the country hostage. Hundreds of thousands of people are stranded in Thailand or on other Airports in the region costing millions of dollars. Thai TV showed a report Yesterday about the export industry suffering because orchids and fruits rot at the airports. This will have an huge effect on the already difficult economy in Thailand. High season started in Thailand and I am sure that thousands of travelers had to cancel their holidays and think twice about coming to Thailand in the future.
People are stranded in Airports all around Thailand besides Bangkok. In Chiang Mai the flights out of the Country are booked out till next week and after that there is only business class available as a friend told me who is trying to get a ticket to Singapore. Last night at around 3'clock three airplanes took of Chiang Mai international airport. I wonder where they went.
The demonstrators said they will only leave the airport if the government resigns.

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  1. k.m.

    It sure is bad what’s happening. Sorry for you too, as it ruined your planned weekend to which you’ve been looking forward. Hope the next week will bring more positive news from Bangkok, but it’s unlikely and could get a lot worse. Take care.

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