I am on the way. Not only in the mountains. But also in my life. I reached mid-life (what a stupid term, especially because we don’t really know when we reached it). I realized that alot of what I learned over the years catch up with me and impact me for change. Change is good. I never wanted to stay in my secure little world. To be on the journey of life is never without some sort of stress or even fear. I have no idea what may come. Still I am learning so many things right no. It seems like experience and knowledge slowly comes together. This o course clashes with certain convictions as well. But in my core beliefs I feel strongly confirmed. This photo shows the Prao valley. Often when I drove through between the rice fields I felt this hope, sensed this peace that God is with me.
I don’t have answers to alot of questions in my life and I feel that even though my knowledge and life experience increases I lack understanding. But what it be. I am still on the road, on my journey.