Barely enough time to update my blog, or sometimes I am just to tired to sit behind my computer. Yesterday I cam from another trip in Hui Kau Laam. Talk with Cati and Mida about the construction project and plans to open a preschool in Hui Kau Laam. I also brought the windows and doors for the house from Chiang Mai. I also visited Enoch who was on an outreach in the Hot area and got very sick. He is doing better but is still very weak. After praying for him I headed back to Chiang Mai. After Chai Pragarn I got stopped by the drug police. After some questioning they let me go quite impressed with my Thai. This brings me to the Thai lesson I had this morning. I actually feel that the Thai lessons I started taking this year are paying off. Communication is becoming much easier. Still I have a long way to go.
Check out the house in Hui Kau Laam with the finished roof on