No it is not a new computer. Just a little sketch A5 din with a black front cover. plain white paper held together with a spiral book binding. Even thogh I try to keep everything I can on my laptop and write most of my stuff on the computer there is always a need for paper. 

I also always wanted to write a diary, but gave up the thought before I ever started. (except when I was in my extremly depressed and melancholic teens a looooong tie ago) So this will not be a diary where I turn my feelings inside out and confess my worst thought and sins and glorify my experiences. No I am thinking more of ideas, perhaps notes of insights I gain and if it goes really well perhaps some lyrics for a song or a sketch of some landscape ….. who knows 🙂

Some of it may land here in a future post, we’ll see. Honestly I just like the thought of having a black spiral sketchbook in my bag. It makes me feel arty and intelectual.