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41 years… Happy Birthday to meeeee!

Today is another one of those days that only come once a year. It is my birthday, or the day my mother labored me into this world in pain. In a strange world that often times seems hostile to me with all it's conflicts and hardships. But also a world that was made for me to live in. I mean there is everything on this planet we need to have a great life. Most of the people on this planet don't have this option and struggle through their lives. some can call themselves lucky. This post is getting a bit gloomy. I mean that looking back on my journey all those years I consider myself fortunate. (Thank you God for showing up in my life, you made all the difference).

40 was the kind of magic number as an "age number". Mid-life; time to look back and be depressed. Somehow with 41 I look at life different. I somehow processed through alot of things in my life and things became clearer and it feels like I am coming into a new phase, perhaps a new fork on my journey. I am not quite there yet, but I can sense and see some of the changes. To be honest I can even get a bit excited about it. So for me 40 is soooo five minutes ago. long live 41.

For everyone who wonders what all this rambling is about….. I don't know either. But to assure you. I have not gotten a tattoo nor a gold chain for my neck. Yet :-) 

Happy Birthday to meeeee!


  1. mrs.incredible

    get your ears pierced already !!!

  2. moesu

    i wünsche dir uf däm wäg o aues guete zu dim geburtstag und ganz es gfröits 41gischts läbesjahr!

  3. Randy Thomas

    Happy Birthday a couple of days late (here on your blog.) I here some really cool people are born on this day 🙂

  4. Philipp

    Lillian realy wants me too, but I already stick out with long hair in Thailand. So the piercing will have to wait LOL

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