Ptgpsmap60cxrfsm_1I haven’t made a wish list for donkeys years. Actually since I lost faith in Santaclaus. But of course I never really grew up and I still have a mental list of things I really want. Thinking of wish lists I realise that we only make them because we don’t have the cash to just walk into the shop and relieve ourselfs of the pain of waiting. The weird thing is that after having aquired the  thing we wonder what all that anticipation was for.
Chiang Mai has now a GPS shop in Panthip Plaza at the night bazar. I made the mistake of walking into it. Looking at some GPS’s my mind played some tricks on me. "You realy need one of those" it said. The weird thing is I believed it. Fortunately I don’t have the money to buy the modern adventurers gadget. Still to "would like" a certain thing can’t be that bad. So I put it on my mental wish list, left the shop and wished secretly to be as rich as Bill Gates. Now two month later I understood the deeper spiritual meaning behind this expirience. A reason why I need a GPS.

"As I don’t realy know who I am, at least I would know where I am"

Actualy the idea for a GPS came with the last water pipeline we made in the mountains. A GPS would have been a real help. There is always another way to do things. So I used my swissarmy knife with a barometer for the hight messurements and estimatet the distance with the tachometer in my truck and counting the steps walking through the jungle. It was a 8 kilometer pipeline. With all the problems I encountered I would have liked a GPS.