Sunday today. I realised I haven’t written for a while. I spend some days up in the mountains with my co-workers. It’s been a good trip. Time is running short for all the things I should do. We are going to Switzerland in four weeks. I look foreward to go and at the same time I know it will be also very excausting. Living cross-cultural going back and forth between cultures and languages is not always easy. There are days I switch between four languages without realising it. There are days I can honestly say I had enough of it. I want to get a regular job back in Switzerland and just raise my family. Those are the days when my batteries run very low and I need to recharge. I think about our lives and what my children have to go through and what the future will bring.
Then I realise it is my choice. I’m not forced to live like this and I know it is the right choice. As my batteries get recharged all those worries dwindle. I realise that it was another day in paradise a little bit overclouded. A new week is starting and it is a gift that we are still here after seven years.