Lately I process through a lot of things in my life. Surely not the first time. But I catch myself struggling with the fact that I get older. Not physically. I am in better shape then some years ago. The struggle is more with my soul.

"However fast a man travels, the soul travels at the speed of a camel."

"Hitchhikers guide to the  galaxy"

About 18 years ago after my baptism I got this verse from a friend:

"If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses?"   

"Jeremiah 12:5"

Often it feels like I’m going through life with a speed that leaves the soul behind. I have times where I slow down. This is most often when I’m on holidays or I travel. There my soul comes to a rest and regenerates. Unfortunately those times are not here that often. The Last week of teaching near Mae Sot was such a time. My Soul got a rest. It seems also that my Spirit is revived and I can feel the Holy Spirit taking excursions from there into my soul. December has started and today is what we call the "first advent". It’s the time of the year where I want too look back and reflect on the year. I want to learn from the past, I need to take more care of my soul…