the adventure I find myself in / das Abenteuer in dem ich mich finde

The world is crazy… and I am in it

Sometimes life gets so busy and I don’t know why. All the things that happen around me as well in the wider circle of life. What I mean is family life, relationships, but also all the news I get from things I have absolutely no influence in. Like the Storm that happened in Burma and the ongoing suffering of those people and the earthquake in China with people dying under the rubble. Sometimes I want to shut all the news out and just have not to deal with any bad news from the world or close by. It starts hurting when it comes closer to home…

Yesterday my youngest son fell and cut his lips needing five stitches. He is so brave and I am proud of how he took the pain and the fixing up in hospital. I thought why can’t we have a brake from things like this. I realized under how much stress I am lately from the things going on in my life and around me ( not only my 40th. birthday ūüôā . How quickly can things without warning or preparation, how little control do we have in our lives.

I know as a follower of Jesus we suck it up and say He is in control. I believe this and experienced it many times in the past. Still there is no guarantee that we or loved one’s won’t suffer. This is sometimes hard to bear and not easily discarded with a slogan or a some bible verse. This is where faith gets tested, where we will hang on or let go, the place where we just might cry out to God and wait in desperation.

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  1. löcherkäse

    hey, ja manchmal k√∂nnen wir einfach nur schreien und seufzen, gell………
    darum liebe ich diesen vers in der bibel, der davon spricht, dass wenn wir nicht mehr wissen wie beten, wir mit unaussprechlichen seufzern vor IHN treten können! thanks lord!

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