I have tken up Thai language studies again (see post) after living her for so many years still not having being satisfied with my level of Thai.
The other day I got the results from my second Thai language test back. I finished module 5 of the CLS language program and aced it with 93.33 percent. My weakness is still the writing. I have a hard time when it comes to writing my own stories or to answer questions. Comprehension of Thai is pretty good but to respond verbally and especially in written form is still very hard. I started with module 6 in the program. It is called Thai life 1 and is all about the country, economy and culture. Next month we are traveling to Switzerland for six weeks. So there will be a study break.
Overall I see a lot of improvement and I enjoyed to study again. My Thai is definitely improving a lot. Still I have a long way to go. This month I reduced Language studies to twice a week. There is just to much work and things to do right now.