This is how the snake looked like (not the actual one)

Yesterday the gardener was cutting the lawn and some bushes in our front yard when I saw him hitting something with a long bamboo stick. I went out to asked him what he found. Somehow I knew it was probably a snake. He showed it to me and said it is a งูเห่า (Ngu Hau) which means cobra. I asked him if it was poisonous. He smiled and said this one is very poisonous; he was scared of them because they are deadly. Then he added this was a small one, only about a meter and a little thicker then my thumb.

Of course this is not the first snake I have seen. We encountered many over the years. Usualy the once we have seen are not poisonous. Still it reminded me that we actually have dangerous creatures around and sometimes in our house. Like in other posts Centepede, and Snake alarm