In April we were at the beach for a two weeks vacation. Last year wenn we were down South I saw people taking a diving course. I said to my wife that next time we go to the sea I want to try it out. So this year I took a four day PADI open water course. Thailand is one of the best palces to do so. We were near Krabi. Au Nang has about ten certified diving centers. I just walked into "Suba Addicts" without knowing what would await me. I actually had to sit down and learn something. It is not just hopping into gear and jump into the sea. I red about 240 pages of the Open Water Diver Manual, watched several videos and took some tests. Hey now I’m certivied to wear a diving mask and breath under water.
I must say the whole thing was great and I would recommend people it to people who want to do something different and have a little adventure.

  • Day one: watching videos, study book. Pool session. Putting on the gear learning how everything works. Practise different things under water.
  • Day two: More pool time. I have to be sure what to do in emergancies. How to come up and go down properly. Then take the test 50 questions. Wow I aced it. I was so proud of myself. Proved to myself that there is still some room in my brain for totally new stuff like buoyancy and nitrogen.
  • Day 3: We are taking a big diving boat out to Phi phi island. Beautiful. A day on a boat with snacks and drinks and two 50 minute dives in the opeb water. I have never seen so many colorful fish in one spot. We practised the things we did in the pool. This time in the sea. First dive down to 15 meters, the 20 meters.
  • Day 4: Same thing as the day before. A bit more diving less practising. Two dives in Phi phi.

It was a great four days and next time i will do the Advanced Open Water Diver. This will give me more experience in different dive locations.