I haven’t been writing for a while. I guess my head is to full already and I just don’t feel like writing. So what have I been doing the last few weeks?
I reviewed module 4 for the first two weeks. Module 4 teaches all the grammar, tone rules and Thai script plus starts with reading and writing. I did this one seven years ago. I managed quite well and passed the test. I had a hard time with getting back into the writing. Mainly because this is what I used the least. I am still motivated and in the next module which is quite extensive including the Thai textbooks for first and second grade.
I started to write every word in Thai and English on cards and keep a learning box. So the last weeks I collected several hundred words I’m memorizing and learn to write in Thai. Slowly I’m making progress. It is hard to get faster in in reading Thai. It is the tones. I need to decipher all the letters and at the same time decide which of the five tones the word is pronounced. I must admit it sounds weird to read like a first grader. But I’m excited as I can read more words in the subtitles of the movies. Before it was the first word now I can read up to three words. So I wonder how long it will take till I can read a film ;-).
Okay enough of this. I’ve got to do my home work.