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UBC True Vision office Chiang Mai gone!

We use the UBC true vision to get tv to our house. We have done so for years because there is no good alternative. Sure I am not really happy with the all of their service. Especially that UBC loves to move channels around, charge more money then Swiss providers would dare and the latest, that the UBC true vision office in Chiang Mai has suddenly disappeared.

Yesterday I wanted to go and pay the bill and the office was gone. With it also Siam TV a big shop for electronics that managed the Chiang Mai office was gone to. No notice where they moved or a letter to their subscribers.

This morning I phoned UBC true vision in Bangkok about my billing status. I haven't received a bill even though someone from true vision phoned me a month ago and said they would do so. The friendly guy in the billing department will send me the bill via e-mail. To the question where the true vision office in Chaing Mai moved to he answered that they haven't received the new address yet. Living in Thailand still an adventure after 11 years 🙂


  1. Philipp

    I finally found the UBC truevision office in Chiang Mai. The moved near Chiang Mai gate into a new building with Siam TV. It is located on the second floor.
    I still wonder sometimes how thailand can compete in business. There was no notification that they move or where to. Then they also didn’t send a bill for the new subscription even though they phoned me. I was pepplexed that the the person on the phone in the main office in bangkok didn’t know where their branch office moved to. Sometimes it is amusing how things work here. Sometimes it is just enormously irritating.

  2. flädu

    pepplexed – was für ein schönes Wort.
    Auch hier in der Schweiz ist man bisweilen pepplexed – dann wenn man sich zum Beispiel für ein neues Handy umschaut und feststellen muss, dass man das letzte Jahr viel zu teuer telefoniert hat – obwohl es schon längst ein besseres Angebot vom gleichen Anbieter gab. Informiert wird man auch hier nicht …

  3. flädu

    Aber weisst du was das schöne an Thailand ist?
    Auch wenn vieles pepplexed ist – dir wird immer ein Lächeln geschenkt:-)

  4. Philipp

    Irgendwie hat man auf der ganzen Welt so seine Geschichte. Hauptsache wir verlieren nicht die Leichtigkeit des Sein 🙂

  5. Phil H.

    We had a similar experience with our TOT dsl internet service. I suspected they might have new rates so we went to the office to inquire. It turns out the speed that we were paying 1200 Baht for now only costs 600 Baht, and if we still want to pay 1200 Baht we can double our speed (the new top speed in our area).
    I think they have had these rates for at least 3-5 months already, but they don’t bother to tell us that we are paying double. They could have lowered our price to match the current pricing, or they could automatically upgrade us to the current speed for our same price – but they didn’t.
    To top it off, in order to get the speed/price adjustment they made us sign a new contract. This is Thailand…

  6. Alice

    Phil, kunt u Mij Het adres van UBC Geven?
    IK Heb Het DRINGEND Nodig. Alvast bedankt

  7. Philipp

    Hi Alice,
    (sorry I don’t speak dutch (I guess it is dutch) UBC in Chiang Mai moved with Siam TV into their new building. On the second flor.
    It is located on the South side of the mout (Chiang Mai gate. On the outside, between the Chiang Mai gate and the psychatric hostpital (Suanprung hospital).
    Cordinates for GPS Coordinates: 18°46’51″N 98°59’0″E
    Here is the link to a map

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