the adventure I find myself in / das Abenteuer in dem ich mich finde


Today is one of those days where my soul cannot follow my body and I am totally exhausted. To exhausted for even a nap in the afternoon.
Two nights ago I could not sleep because of severe stomach cramps and diarrhea. I still feel some of the affects. I went through some sorts of emotional roller coaster about  things happening  with people around me. Then I was somewhat overwhelmed by the  circumstances in the Prao boarding home. And in all this my soul was dragged along. We are going to Switzerland and there is so much to do. I was just waking up this morning when I got a phone call from the office landlord. They needed to change the sewage pipes. So I went in on a Sunday. Did some work while I was waiting for the workers to do their work.
The on the way home I got a phone call from the landlords son. totally happy and thanking me for the bible I gave him two month ago. Another Thai women took the phone and also thanked me with all her heart. I didn’t get everything they said, but they were definitely excited about having a bible. So I want to end this rather complaining post with the thought that there can be something encouraging around the corner if we are willing to stick our head around it and I really need to learn to let my soul catch up with me once in a while.

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  1. mum

    Thanks for sharing! Best wishes and be blessed!

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