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Arrived in Singapore

We just arrived in Singapore on our journey back to Chiang Mai. It is half past twelve in the night for us, but here it is morning. We will probably be home around lunch time. The kids doing fine. They are just very tired. We left Lillian back in Switzerland for another week. We will miss her for sure.

My soul is still in Switzerland and hasn’t made the journey yet. I will miss the late Summer evenings, the wine, the Alps, the chocolate and all the friends. It feels weird being disconnected again. I am not allowed to think to much of it because traveling puts me in this twilight zone mood 🙂

Looking froward to our house and some sleep. Next time I will write from Chiang Mai. To everybody we know in Switzerland:" thanks for all the hospitality".


  1. Phil H.

    Welcome back! Hope you had a great time and will adjust quickly back to life in Thailand.
    – Phil H.

  2. chroettli

    hey, welcome in your home!!! but it’s also good to have so good friends, yes!?!!??!!!
    i meine da nid mi dermit,

  3. mum

    It was great having you all here and we are thinking of you all as you settle in again.Having L.with us for the birthday celebration is very very special, and greatly appreciated! Love to you all, K.

  4. philipp

    Thanks for the comments

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