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Walking on water

Walking with Jesus requires faith. I mean how can you have a relationship with God you cannot see and trust Him with your life, making decisions based on what you believe is His will. In my walk with Jesus not seldom I have made steps believing to have understood only realizing in my immature faith I have made another mistake, a miss-step. Over the years I have become aware that faith is walking with Jesus on a daily basis. I don’t mean a daily fulfillment of religious obligation, but a loving dependency towards God. He gave me life and knew what this was all about. I am going through life curious to find out about this mystery. While walking with Jesus I have to take risks to grow. I have to let go of my own sense of security and embrace the the call coming from him. Sometimes blindly and on shaky ground. Often against what many people think. I get confronted alot with different sets of values of how I should live my life. Not getting the satisfaction of being accepted. Being judged for my values is not a nice thing in the least. Still while being on this journey long enough many things become clear and also familiar, perhaps easier in some ways. At least till the next bend where I have to take all my courage together to walk on into the unknown.

Sometimes walking on water seems to be the easier thing to do then embarking on a lifelong journey with Jesus. Even though I cannot really judge that, because I have not succeeded in either one yet. So I will keep on walking. Be it on water or the life ahead.

Me walking on water 😉

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